The Game

How To Play Golf Everywhere


1So, what is all this?
Golf Everywhere is a simple game that can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere, at any time! Our kit based game was designed with safety, portability, and fun in mind.
2What makes it different from similar Urban Golf games?
Golf is traditionally played only during the day and only on a large, manicured, field and Urban Golf is usually played for distance, on asphalt, and within a city. While both games have their advantages neither provide the flexibility of Golf Everywhere. With the ability to set up anywhere and anytime you want. Combined with our hard plastic balls that won’t break windows or bones – even with a full swing – Golf Everywhere is tough to top.
3So how does the whole night time thing work?
Flip the switch or pull the tab on the top of each flag. Activate the glow stick, then push the glow sticks into the balls and you’re good to go! We include extra glow sticks to make necklaces for all individuals (and animals!) so that it’s easy to see where everyone is standing while playing at night. We’ve even provided a little tool to help push the glow stick into the ball securely. Though, there is some strategy to leaving a little bit sticking out or using more than one glow stick in the ball 😉
4How do you play?
We include a set of rules in each kit but consider them more like guidelines than anything else. The main rule is to be outside having fun. If you’re really curious you can view them here.
5Where can I play?
Anywhere you want! We’ve designed the game to be focused more on being a short course rather than a driving distance type of game. The hard plastic ball is durable and provides a large sweet spot, which makes it extremely playable. Using these, you can take a full swing and not worry about breaking windows, or hurting anyone playing. Give it a shot in your own backyard or take it with you to the park, the beach, a parking lot, music festivals, or anywhere else!
6I can really just set up a course however I want?
Yup! Unlike traditional Golf or even Urban Golf, you can design a course to fit your yard perfectly. In fact, we want to see your creative courses! Send us your course using the hashtag #GolfEverywhere! Take a look at the weird ones we’ve made on our social media pages!
7What comes in the kit?
We provide everything you’ll need expect for a club! Other than that you can see exactly what’s going in the kits here.
8What is the difference between the two kits?
We’ve designed Day to be an inexpensive alternative to the Night kit. Click to see exactly what makes the two different kits
9Okay, so there’s no club?
Golf clubs are the only part of the game that should be really picked out for a person’s comfort. We’ve got a large supply of clubs that we’ve picked up from the thrift store for no more than $5 but we’ve also included links in our accessory page for cheap golf clubs
10I broke a flag, can I get another one?
We sell all pieces of the parts in the kit individually. If you run out of anything or if anything breaks you can always get more. Just contact us.
11I ran out of score cards, where can I get more?
You can find more score cards, brochures, and download other instructions right here!
12Is there anything else I should know?
Over the years of development we’ve figured out a number of tips and tricks to make the game easier and more fun to play. Click to view the full list of hints We also use our social media accounts to provide new tips as we think of them so make sure you follow us for tricks and tips!