1. The basic rules are the same as traditional golf. However, the focus here is fun for all, rather than just competitiveness. The fewest number of strokes at the end of each round wins.

2. Your ball is considered “in the hole” when it is within one club length of the flagstick. Place the neck of the club around the base of the stick, and see if the ball lies within the end of the club grip. If you have even just a little bit of the ball outside the club radius, then it still not “in the cup.”

3. If a player strikes the flag, or the flag stick, the ball is considered “in the hole”. Additionally, they earn a bonus stroke, which takes one stroke off their game.

4. Lost balls happen, and are a 2 stroke penalty. You may replace your ball one club length away from the hole at the place your ball went into the hazard.

5. If you hit up against an immoveable object, move far enough away from the hazard so you can safely swing your club. This is a one stroke penalty, and your relief should not move you closer to the flagstick.

6. We recommend you play “ready golf” where players hit anytime it’s safe to do so. Once you get close to the pin, the traditional furthest player away from the flag shoots first. This keeps the game moving along faster.

7. No ball removal. You play where you lay. Hitting other players balls and blocking is often part of the strategy (and fun!) Just remember to always look before you swing; safety and courtesy are essential to a good time.

8. Each player may keep their own scorecard, but it is recommended that you designate a scorekeeper or keep each other’s. Lowest score wins the round.

9. When in doubt, use the basic rules of golf as your guide but we’ve found that simpler is usually better, and less complicated rules can make for more fun!

Feel free to make your own rules and to give us feedback on how your group likes to play. We have played at the beach, in city and national parks, backyards, around neighborhoods, private estates, parking lots tailgating, indoor gyms, around pools and lakes- everywhere!

We love to see pictures and videos of the places you guys and gals have made into challenging courses!


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