Night Golf


1. To light up the balls, fully bend the glow stick until it cracks, and shake it vigorously for 10 seconds. Then insert one end into a hole on the ball, using the palm of your other hand to keep the inserted end from popping through the other side of the ball. Keep pushing it into the ball until it is completely inside.

Tip: You can use our included poker to make sure that the glow stick is all the way in the ball.

2. Remember the flags should be set up on the course in this order: Red first,
Green second, and Blue third. Then you will always know where the next hole is, and when you turn on the flag illuminators at night, you can pair the corresponding light to the proper flag color.

Tip: a good way to remember the flag order is Roy G Biv.

3. Connect a couple glow sticks together for necklaces for the participants or those likely to wander into the playing area such as kids and dogs.

Tip: Some people like to use clear packing tape to attach a glow stick to their club’s shaft.

4. It is easier to inflict damage to nice grass at night, so use the astroshag mats to protect your playing area (especially in public places).


Night Golf Tips PDF