Golf Everywhere: Night Edition

Golf Everywhere: Night edition

Ahh, Night Golf. Few things are better than putting around a course in your yard, at night, with a frosty beverage in your hand. This edition includes everything you’ll need to Golf Everywhere – day or night! The light up luminous allow for your flag to easily be seen from a distance. The glow sticks are designed to be pushed into the balls, which adds both weight and visibility! We highly recommend putting glow sticks on all dogs and children that may be playing with you. It’s better to be seen than just heard at night, and if you ever run out of supplies, check out our Accessories Page to restock whatever you may need.

This Kit Will Include:
-2 Astromat club protector
-1 Stylish Golf Everywhere Carrying Case
-1 Ball Decompressor
-1 set of Golf Everywhere Rules & Scorecards
-3 Night Edition flags
-3 Flag lengthers
-12 Golf Everywhere balls
-20 Glow Sticks to stay visible!

*Club not included