Where Do You Want To Golf?

The cool thing about Golf Everywhere is that you can LITERALLY play anywhere you'd like. Park, beach, random field with friends, you name it!

At the Beach!

At the Park.

On a Vacation!

In the Street!

How GE Came About and Why

My name is Rich Dilworth and I am the founder of Golf Everywhere. Over the last 3 years I have been developing the company and the game to the point that it is now. The game itself is a composite or frisbee golf, quad golf, urban golf, cross golf, and tennis ball golf. Golf Everywhere, however, is easier to set up and far more portable than any of those games.

Our main goal is to bring the game of golf to everyone, while bringing groups together for some healthy outdoor activities. You only need one club to play, and the ball is safe enough to hit a window (or a person!) without any damage. Course layouts, with obstacles and hazards you create, are endless; and that’s just in your backyard or neighborhood! We have played at city parks, the beach, parking lots, urban green spaces, everywhere!

We want to see where YOU play! Send us pictures using the hashtag #GolfEverywhere!

My team members include Christopher Gill, founder of Reboot Sports, an innovator in the industry who will help me set up and run the website and Amazon interface. Rob Martin of Brandsync is one of my oldest friends, who will guide us with his years of marketing/branding experience, as well as helping me form and sustain this business plan. Autumn Udell, the founder and owner of Alchemise, will provide our West Coast support with her promotional experience and boundless energy. My wife Scotty Dilworth will help me with the production of the website and Social Media content production. Each of them, my friends, and my family, has provided invaluable advice that has helped me build Golf Everywhere. Without any of them none of this would be possible. We hope that you enjoy playing Golf Everywhere!